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  • David Lyons

Food to the Elderly

We just want to publicly share our gratitude to a bunch of wonderful people. Last week, through those of you that give generously and sacrificially, Atlas was able to purchase about 4000 lbs of food (If I remember the numbers right) with much more to come in the coming weeks. Atlas purchased the food through the two food ministries at Grand Avenue Community Outreach led by Marcia Taylor and Kim Robinson. Those two ladies are amazing.

Then we were able to mobilize volunteers through Atlas, Gaco, CHI, and local churches to bring about two weeks worth of groceries and a hot meal to close to 100 of our elderly residents in town. The hot meals will continue, Lord willing, through the Community Kitchen and the groceries will continue as well at least the next month, Lord willing.

We wanted to thank Kim and Marcia for letting us add more to their plates (pun intended), the generous donors to Atlas that allowed the food to be purchased, and the wonderful volunteers today who braved the chaos of the first larger scale delivery. We hope it gets more efficient. We wanted to say thank you to our community.

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