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Fall Newsletter

Here is the text from part of our newsletter if you'd care to read it.

The month of October always keeps us on our toes here at Atlas. We were busy preparing for the annual fall banquet. This event is the one time each year when we get to share in “real time” examples of what the ministry is all about. Newsletter accounts pale in comparison to the personal stories shared by those whose lives have been changed.

As we approach each banquet, we strive to personally invite everyone who has ever attended a past banquet. It is that important to us to have you experience these ministry stories first hand. We set a date. We make the calls. We love hosting those who can be with us and we are saddened when conflicts in busy schedules prevent others from joining us. For those who were unable to attend this year, let me share a little of the program with you.

During this special evening, we as Atlas staff were able to “brag” about just a few of the tremendous things God had done over the past year. And our “stars” (clients) had an opportunity to share their stories/testimonies in front of the audience who could then put names and faces to those whom we have written about in our newsletters. Sometimes, as we’ve written before, the ministry we do is up and down, some succeeding while others repeatedly fail. But on this night, we were encouraged when we tangibly saw and heard just how amazing our God and this community have been! We extend a HUGE THANK YOU to all who helped make it possible, attended, and made donations. What an honor for us to partner with you.

In our last newsletter we told you a story about a man we called Paul. Paul had been excited about what the Lord was doing in his life, especially after praying for his friend. He has continued growing in his relationship with the Lord and told us recently he wants to get serious about studying the Bible and “giving back.” We are honored to be a part of an amazing group of people who are mentoring and aiding this man. He was one of our “stars” who passionately shared his lengthy and moving story at the banquet. He willingly shared what his life was like before and after his encounter with Atlas. In his own words, his life was full of “DEATH, CHAOS, AND DESTRUCTION” before. Today his life has been made new, and he is a new creature. Thank you for being a part in each life changing story.

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